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We provide interpreting services for many occasions, including business meetings, conferences, excursions, training, court interpreting and more. Our interpreters are professional linguists with at least five years' experience in translating and interpreting in their specific field.

Consecutive Interpreting – Consecutive interpreting is the most common form of interpreting. It is used in business meetings, court hearings, training, excursions and small conferences. The interpreter usually waits for the speaker to complete the sentence or part of the speech and then begins with interpreting.

Simultaneous Interpreting – It is usually used for larger conferences where interpreting is carried out with only a few seconds delay. This type of interpretation requires a team of 2-3 interpreters working in sound-proof interpreting booths.

Court Interpreting – Where necessary, it is possible to arrange a court interpreter. e.g. for court proceedings, meeting at a notary, signing contracts, etc.


We recommend:

Order the interpreting on time – There are not many really good interpreters and they have a busy schedule. In order to get a quality interpreter, we recommend ordering in advance.

Provide supporting documents for interpreting – A professional interpreter will always carefully examine all documents that are thematically and terminologically related to the interpreting to minimize the need for improvisation. This guarantees success.