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We appreciate the timely delivery that we can always rely on. The deadlines are short but for us, it means keeping our customers. We appreciate your accuracy and speed in translations in any area of engineering.

The translation agency VYZA works well and professionally. The cooperation with HOCHTIEF is at the highest possible level in the translation business, and we fully believe that this collaboration will continue as successfully as possible in the future.

We appreciate the expertise, flexibility, archiving system and, last but not least, the prices that you are giving us thanks to long-term cooperation. Your language offer is also very wide. From the pervasive English through French, German, Italian to almost exotic languages like Hungarian.

I am very satisfied with your work. It is highly professional, fast and affordable - what more can we wish for? In addition, I appreciate that you do not waste your energy to justify why something cannot be done, but you will do everything to make it happen...