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Other services

In addition to translations and interpreting, we offer many other language services.

We distinguish between these types of proofreading:

Basic language proofreading

This proofreading is used to correct spelling mistakes, remove misspellings, and check whether the terminology is met. The checks are carried out by our internal proofreaders or by independent translators. This type of proofreading is provided FREE for each of our translations.

Stylistic and grammar proofreading of Czech texts

Materials intended for presentation or printing must be flawless and readable. Stylistic and grammar proofreading will help eliminate potential mistakes, up the style and make the text more attractive.

Proofreading by native speakers

Texts checked by native speakers can be easily published on the Internet or used in communication with customers. To ensure maximum quality, we work with native speakers with linguistic education.

Pre-press proofreading

Final pre-press proofing helps you eliminate the errors that might have occurred in the document creation process (DTP).

We also provide:

  • transcripts of texts, audio recordings, or videos
  • creation and translation of subtitles
  • translations of CAD, InDesign, and other special file formats.