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Tenders, tender documents

Thanks to our long experience in translating hundreds or even thousands of pages of documents, we can deal with the biggest projects. Tender documentation is often very extensive and has a complex structure made up of many files in various formats. In addition, it must often be translated very quickly, but at the same time in high quality and with uniform terminology.

In order to meet all these requirements, we assemble a special team of translators led by a Project Manager to translate projects of this type. The Project Manager creates a vocabulary with the project terminology, which must be followed by all team members, and monitors the fulfilment of the required deadlines and a uniform format of the documentation.

As a result, the customer receives all the documents in a timely manner and in such a form that they can be submitted immediately with minimum corrections.

In addition:

  • We provide special project discounts.
  • We take into account all identical and repeating texts. The final price for the entire project is usually much lower than the price offered.
  • We guarantee confidentiality. If necessary, we sign a special Confidentiality Agreement.